Thursday, February 01, 2007

Flight of the Hawk

(sounds of Baxter barking inside Ariel's house)

Ariel: (from inside house) Baxter! For pity's sake, dog! Do you think you're some kind of fuzzy ROOSTER? What is it? Oh hang on, rotten dog, I'm comin.


(Spot makes quiet foxy woofing noise)

Lenore: Spot! What is it sweetie? Are you okay?

(Spot continues quietly woofing)

Lenore: (yawn) It isn't even daylight yet, Spot. Hang on, I'll get the light.

Lenore: (gasp) Hawk!

Marius: Shhhh, I'm sorry I startled you...

Lenore: (whispering) It's okay. Are you all right? Why are you in my room? Not that it isn't nice to see you or anything, but still ...

Marius: I came to tell you "goodbye", Wren. I have to go.

Lenore: It's the something bad, isn't it? I told you I thought something bad was happening. What was it?

Marius: It doesn't matter, Wren...

Lenore: It matters to ME. Please tell me what happened, what's making you leave. Please? I won't tell. I promise!

Marius: I did a favor for someone I shouldn't have done a favor for, and I think I did it wrong. And I hurt someone doing it. The person I did the favor for, I think is just going to keep asking me for favors, Wren, forever. And I don't want to do any more favors for her. She's going to be very, VERY angry, and she could hurt everyone here if I stay. I don't know what she'll do, and I don't want everyone to be in danger because of me...

Lenore: (nodding slightly) It's the little yellow worm I dreamed about... and of course you don't. You're not like that. But I understand, Hawk... you sheltered in the tree for a while, and now you have to leave, so all the little songbirds will be safe again...

Marius: Um..., what?

Lenore: Will you tell me where you're going?

Marius: No... well, I honestly don't know. But I will send you a message when I'm safe. Promise. But you can't tell ANYONE, Wren. It might put you in a great deal of danger if anyone thought you knew where I was.

Lenore: Promise. I will miss you, my Hawk.

Marius: I will miss you too, Little Wren. Goodbye.

Lenore: (sigh) Well, I think we shall not see him again, Spot. And I think that makes me very, very sad.

Lenore: For a boy, you're really rather reasonable, Spot. I love you. (sigh)

Lenore: I suppose he came in with the snow, in a way it seems only fitting he should leave with it.

Lenore: Good night, Spot... again.
Marius: (sigh) Snow... oh good.


  1. Is Marius coming back? This is a sad tale so far. Please have him come back.

  2. I just knew Marius wouldn't hurt the princess and am hoping that Nessa will forgive him and welcome him back.
    Now for that plotting manipulating little pixie, where is she and what is she up to?

    Lenore is absolutely adorable. A real little scene stealer. She is so cute and appealing that we HAD to bring one like her to our home.
    Tiffee is watching this blog and is wondering if she has a twin sister that no one told her about. Try as they will Katie and Sibara have not been able to convince her otherwise.