Saturday, April 16, 2016

Snowy Day of Blank Books

It seemed like maybe Spring had come to Colorado.


So, since it was a snowy day and I had no particular place to go, I thought I'd head to C&M.

There I was, shelving and pricing like a good little book store owner.

And for some reason, I found myself flipping through one of the books I was shelving.

And... it's blank!


So, I started going through the other books on the shelf.

ALSO blank.

I threw the blank ones down to the 1st floor, since I have no need for blank books.

But the more I looked...

... the more blank books I found!

I just kept throwing them over the balcony into a pile.

And the pile of books grew...

and grew...

and GREW!

I don't know which is more depressing. That I've been so happy about having a book store that was full of blank books...

... or that I didn't notice until NOW. I mean, SOME of the books have print, but not very many. Not enough. But, I'll fix it.

Who wants a book store full of books you can't read?!?

One cool thing did come out of all this, though. Here, I'll show you.

Check it out, a book of "Manhole Covers of the World".

Seriously, it's all just pictures of manhole covers. Weird. But I'll show you my favorite.

Little smiling manhole cover. Wouldn't that be crazy to see?

Anyway, my work is pretty much cut out for me. I gotta find more printed books. We have our own printing company ("Wylde Kingdom Press") and we've made SOME books (some for sale too - Midnight in the Dollhouse on Etsy), but we need more. Lots more! Like a bookstore full!

I'll let you know how it goes.

- Miri


  1. Those blank books definitely need to be fixed, but if anyone can do it it's you. I have The Stars favorited on etsy. I'm so happy to see you back. I just responded to Wendy's email too. Welcome back, Miri! - Lily

  2. Hi Miranda. Yes, a pixie with integrity! You found faux books in your store and you are doing something about it. Good for you!
    (I love the new background of your blog too! Looks great.)

  3. Hi, WitchOnaCloud! Thanks! The Stars seems to be a pretty popular book. I like it too, and I'm not even that big into astronomy. Thanks for the welcome back too. It's good to be here. I missed it. Even if my whole life right now is books, books, BOOKS!

    Hi, Sam! Well, thank you. I pride myself on being a good pixie, and I am horrified to think that all these pretend books were all over my book store... I just... I can't even. But I can fix it. I can make it better. I have the technology. And it's a great reason to keep coming up with new titles for the Etsy shop.

    I wish I could take credit for the new background, but it wasn't me. It turns out our Lottie Daw is some kind of computer genius, because she fixed up my blog AND the Midnight in the Dollhouse blog! I'll let her know you like it! Thank you!