Friday, April 08, 2016

Good Idea - Bad Idea

Miranda: You know what's a good idea?

Miranda: Starting an internet business with your friends. That's a good idea.

You know what's NOT a good idea?

Miranda: Having only one laptop and ending up with everyone meeting in your kitchen whenever there's business stuff.

Especially a kitchen  as small as mine is.

Miranda: Everyone needs a laptop. That's all there is to it. So I need to go shopping for laptops. Right away!

Lottie: Miri! You're out of ice cream! And we ate all the cake. And we're out of that pop I like...

Miranda: *sigh*

Miranda: And ice cream. Apparently I need to go shopping for ice cream and pop right away too.

Business is always a party with pixies. 

- Miri


  1. They may want treats, but at least they are friendly. Plug everyone into a laptop, and interactions should quiet down. Those of us who are more introverted love not having to meet every need in our friends! But, your friends to the south are happy to see you back and blogging again!

  2. Thank you, Tracy.

    I am happy to have them here, even though I skipped over the "we all have to take turns using the computer now that they're addicted to Facebook" part. They need lap tops BAD and I need to either get the Grange or C&M up and together as a meeting place. My kitchen is just too small!

    It's really good to be back and to have Lottie and Eve around. But I was kind of looking forward to having some of that ice cream too.

  3. Hi Miranda!!!!!!!
    So good to see you again. Yes, you definitely NEED an office where everyone can meet.
    Running out of ice cream is just plain scary! (Huge shivers run down my spine at the thought of no ice cream!)
    Laptops for everyone is also a good idea. Even I might have to get one. Mine is so old that I cannot use Blogger anymore. (No space, and too old to upgrade to new server. Bah humbug. Currently using Builder Sam's kid's computer. I need to get back to blogging too. One day.....)
    Good luck with your meetings.

    1. Hi Isabelle! Oh man, there is nothing more frustrating than computer problems. But your blog MUST go on. Seriously, it's awesome, and I love seeing what you get up to. So you need a laptop too.

      I'm working on getting C&M back up and running so we can meet there. Who DOESN'T want to meet where there's coffee, pastries and books? This will happen.

      Thank you for stopping by! So good to see you!!