Sunday, June 21, 2015

Settling (Back) Into the Wylde Kingdom

Now that we pixie types are back in the Kingdom, there's been some shuffling and resettling, and there is a bit of a pixie housing shortage. But we'll get it worked out.

A bunch of us worked really hard to get the Green Elephant set back up and ready for business.And then it was on to Devika's house.

The house has been sitting around on the back of the piano, doing nothing, for MONTHS.

But once Vee was back up and around, she was so excited about having a house again, I knew we had to get it done. 

And we did!

Last night, Vee got to sleep in her own bed, in her own house. She seemed pretty happy about the prospect.

And I hope she had really good dreams in her new home.

 As for me, after a job well done, I was ready to turn in too.

Bean, my baby bunny, and I are both settling into the 70s house very nicely.

Bean seems quite comfortable here, even if we do need more furniture and there is some refurbishing to be done still.

And I am pretty comfortable here too.

Life is pretty good in the Wylde Kingdom. Hope it's great wherever you are too.

- Miri


  1. We are so happy to see you back again! We look forward to reading more of your conversations, adventures, acquisitions, and the progression of the houses in your life!

  2. So happy to see the pixies of the Wylde kingdom coming back! Squee! We have missed you!

  3. We must echo everyone else here. Can't tell you, Miri, how delighted we are to have you back "wandering" again (even if it's only in the Wylde Kingdom. And also thrilled to see the gang again. Special Hi to Mr.Thorne! (I think Trilby has a crush on him. Shhhh) Can't wait for more. Ann and Trilby

  4. I'm so glad to see you all again! It is always fun to follow your wanderings and see your houses and your friends!!

  5. So happy that everyone is settling in nicely!

  6. Good to see you back :) Great work with the house, too <3

  7. Love seeing the blog back and running. Missed Miranda.