Saturday, June 13, 2015

Me and the 1970s House

Every time I say "I'm back" something stupid happens and then suddenly I'm not. So I'm not going to say it this time.


Instead, I'll tell you about the house.

A house moved in, and I want it. It's from the 70s

What makes it unusual is that it is 3/4 scale, which is a kinda weird scale, but really popular in the 70s.

So 3/4 of an inch = 1 foot in the human world. Which, turns out, is just about perfect size for ME!

I don't mind the nostalgia of living in a 70s house. It's kind of groovy. Which is good, since Wendy has declared it a "piece of history" and I'm not allowed to change anything.

Furnish and refurbish is the name of the game with this house. There's not a lot of furniture yet, but finding 70s house appropriate stuff will be part of the fun of having a house again.

So it's mine. Totally mine.

But I know that to afford a house (and furniture and stuff), I need a job. Wendy has started up a new project making miniatures to sell, so she's hired me on to help out.

So, not saying "I'm back".

But I am here.

With a house. 

- Miri


  1. Squee! Good to see you 'here'...!!with a house!
    Are any of the other residents like Devika or Mr. Ashe still around? Miss them!

  2. Seriously groovy house! Welcome home!

  3. Hi Miri *waves* it's Isabelle here.
    So good to see you. Love the house. It does seem to fit you and it will be interesting finding the right pieces of furniture.
    Good luck with the new job. Yeah, houses are expensive. I know, I am a Realtor and I am only renting! (So much for my human finding me a home.) Speaking of my human, she seems to have taken over my blog. I need to get it back.
    Oh Miranda, I always enjoy your posts so just blog whenever you can, even once a year, so that we know you are okay.

  4. Hi Miri, it is always Wonderful to see you again! And hey, Time can get a little confusing sometimes... it goes fast or slow and disappears, and then Memory gets weird so.... Any time you want to show us something is a Wonderful time! Your "Time capsule" house is really cool and I hope you have fun finding the right furnishings! At least you have a house that fits!

  5. Hey Lisa!

    Thanks. It's nice to be here. AND with a house. Finally. Devika, Taelyn, Mr. Thorne and a bunch of others are still around. I'm spending today helping them readjust to being here too. This is going to be so great.
    Hello, Loveday!

    Thank you! And thank you!
    Hey Isabella!!!

    It is an interesting house, and the more I'm around it the more enchanted I am with the 70s ambiance. It's pretty cute. I don't know what to do about furniture - could have it made, could just buy stuff off Ebay. I haven't decided. But for now, it's got a bed, a bean bag chair, and a groovy stereo so I'm set.

    Don't let your human take over your blog. I speak from experience when I say they are just not qualified. Not like we are. Though she did do a nice job on that storage room thing. I dunno. I like your blog no matter which one of you is doing it. It's always fun.

    I will try to post more. You are so sweet, though. I'm okay, and I'm here, and I'm not planning on NOT being here for a while. *hugs*
    Hey Daydreamer!

    Thank you. Time is a bit confusing, and it's extra weird because it's a little different even between pixies and humans. But it's okay. One of the hazards of living in the human world, I guess. I am digging on the super groovy house, and I know I'll find just the right furniture. Eventually.

    Thank you all for stopping by and commenting. I dig that you're all still here, and that you like that I'm here too. Thanks for that.

    - Miri

  6. Hello Miri,
    It is a great house. It looks like it is in amazing condition. what a great find!
    Big hug,

  7. Hi, Giac!

    Thank you! I am so glad you think so. I'm a little surprised that after all that time, it's in such great shape and the lights still work! This house was important to someone. And now it's important to me. 'Cause it's mine. Big hugs back. Nice to "see" you again!

    - Miri