Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thinking Outside the Box

Wendy: Is that the last of them, Gage?

Gage: Yeah, this is the last bunch for now. There are a few tinies unaccounted for, but they've gotta be here somewhere, right? Thorne is working on it.

Wendy: Yeah, they'll turn up. *sigh* I hate this, Gage. I hate everyone being in boxes. I hate having to put them all in storage. I hate this. A lot.

Gage: I know, but you're doing what you have to to keep everyone safe. Everyone understands. Honestly, toys understand needing to go inert every once in a while. It's okay.

Wendy: Um... does it hurt?

Gage: What?

Wendy: Going "inert"?

Gage: Nah. It's just like being asleep for a really, really long time. Everyone's all snugged up in their jammies, and things that would be comfortable. Ya know... since we dunno how long they'll all be sleeping. *oof*

Wendy: Okay... I guess that's good.

Gage: It's okay. Even Emi wasn't upset about being packed up. Though she doesn't know how you're going to function without her.

Wendy: Neither do I. Neither do I.

Gage: HEY! You've got ME right?

Wendy: *laughing* Right. Sorry.

(sounds of chatter while carrying away boxes... and going out the front door)

*oof*... just a little further....

Lenore: *deep breath* GAH! I almost got put into storage. Oh, this will not do.

Lenore: I only have a moment. They'll be back for my box next!!

Lenore: There...

(voices coming back in the front door)

Lenore: Oh!

Gage: Okey dokey, those are the last boxes.

Wendy: I wish I knew how long I was going to have to store everyone for. Heck, I wish I knew ANYTHING.

Gage: It was your idea to pack Theia, your Oracle. *snicker*

Wendy: Hee hee. Funny bunny you are. You're just all punchy 'cause Kumo's in storage.

Gage: Well, this moving stuff isn't ALL bad. Treat you to a milkshake, poutypants?

Wendy: Yeah, that sounds good. Drowning my sorrows in vanilla flavored empty calories. Let's go.

(leaving sounds... the front door closes)

Lenore: Oh my... Miss Wendy sounds quite sad. And while I'm glad she has Mr. Gage... she really needs a companion.

Lenore: Good thing I got out of my box!

Lenore: I can help out with all the things Emi helped her with. And I can help keep her safe from whatever she's keeping us all safe from.

Lenore: But first... I need to find something to wear that is not my nightgown. Nightclothes in the afternoon, tsk... it's just not dignified. Especially not for a personal assistant and companion!