Friday, July 25, 2008

Lenore Out of the Box

Wendy: Well, thanks for the milkshake, bunny. That was pretty darn tasty.

Gage: Mmm hmmm. Glad it cheered you up a little.

Wendy: I just want to hop on and check my email real quick and...

Lenore: *very quietly* Hello Mr. Gage, Miss Wendy....

Gage: Hi Lenore. Aren't you a surprise to see?

Wendy: GAAAH!!! Lenore! How the!? Oh no. Oh NO! Oh, of all the dolls to NOT be in storage! Lenore... oh Gage! What if she'd been broken, or hurt or STOLEN!

Gage: Well she is just fine, now isn't she? None of that happened, Lenore is just fine. Now you stop scaring the child this instant do you hear me?

Wendy: But Gage!

Gage: So.. uh, Lenore. What brings you here, mm?

Lenore: Well, I heard you both talking outside of my box when you were taking everyone to storage. And I heard you say that Emi was packed away safely and that Miss Wendy would have trouble without her.

Lenore: So I thought, since I couldn't sleep anyway, I would come out of my box and come be your assistant, like Emi was! I'll be very helpful and and I know how to....

Wendy: Absolutely NOT! Your box is in storage now, but I will find another box for you, and you will go to sleep and be safe and sound in storage. Oh Lenore, if you had any idea how dangerous being here alone was!

Gage: You couldn't sleep? Really?

Lenore: No, I could not sleep. And I WILL not sleep. And I don't care how dangerous it is. If it's dangerous for me, it's dangerous for you too and that means you need help. You can put me in a hundred boxes and I will find a way to come back.

Gage: No, Lenore... no one is putting you in a box...

Wendy: WHAT?!?! I'm going to drive her to the storage unit myself as soon as I have a box for her!

Lenore: Miss Wendy, I am sorry but I will not go. You need me.

Wendy: Lenore, please. I DO need you, and I can't stand the idea that something might happen to you. It's bad enough knowing something could happen to Gage, if I lost you both I don't know what I would do.

Gage: Enough. Wendy, Lenore is not going to storage.

Wendy: But...

Gage: We'll both live in the apartment she was sharing with Nessa. We haven't moved all the furniture out yet, and we'd been talking about my moving in there anyway, right? That way we'll both be living in your room, and we can keep an eye out for each other. And she can help, I think she'll be very helpful and it'll be great having her around.

Wendy: HEY! Just whose side are you ON here, Bunny?

Gage: I am on the side of what is RIGHT. For having lived with us toys for so long, there is much about us you still do not understand. You don't see what's happened here. I will explain it to you, but first, there are important matters to attend to.

Gage: Lenore, you don't mind sharing an apartment with a bunny who snores a little, do you?

Lenore: Of course not, Mr. Gage.

Gage: Excellent, and um... can you cook carrots?

Wendy: Oh for Pete's Sake!