Friday, December 14, 2007

Finding Sebastian - Pt 2

Miranda: Okay, Baxter. You're my lookout, doggie. Bark if anyone's coming, okay?

Baxter: Woof!

Miranda: (thinking to self) Ah, what a surprise... creepy attic to match the rest of the creepy house.
Miranda: This is all lab equipment! Stuff Sebastian would use!

Miranda: Could Ariel have locked him up to force him to make something for her? Some kind of potion? Or maybe the Philosopher's Stone or something? That's a serious dungeon door, right there.

Miranda: These are Sebastian's notes! His name is right here on the cover! Sebastian P. Ixie! He's HERE! I KNEW it!

Miranda: He's trapped behind that door! Sebastian?! Sebastian, I'm coming!!!

Miranda: Sebastian?

Miranda: Weird. What's this on the floor... ewww, it's a snake skin. Like a snake just molted or something. Why would....

Snake: Hissssss......


(Miranda's scream fades into the evening.... sounds of Baxter barking... and then silence)

(Miranda Wandering will [probably] continue Jaunary 1st of 2008! Thank you for reading! - Wendy)