Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finding Sebastian - Pt 1

Miranda: (thinking to self) Doesn't look like anyone's home. Good.

Miranda: What IS this stuff.... ewwww... spider web. Only the creepy sisters could make creepy snow. Ewww.

Miranda: Nope, doesn't look like anyone is around. And their porch light is on, so they probably won't be back until after dark. Gives me plenty of snooping around time. Good. Good.


Miranda: What the? Baxter? Is that you? You poor puppy! Here, hang on.

Miranda: Let's get you out of there. Playing with Fluffy, hu?

Baxter: Grrrrr.

Miranda: Okay. Come on, Baxter. Let's go find my brother, okay?

Baxter: Woof!

Miranda: Hello creepy dark house...

Miranda: Not that I'm sure it's any LESS creepy with the lights on. Come on, Baxter. Let's take a look upstairs.

Miranda: Surprise, another creepy hallway. Would they have put him up on the second floor?... unlikely, he's up in that attic... with the bars in the window... but why ARE there bars...? I wonder where the stairs to the attic are?

Miranda: Creepy bedroom. No stairs.

Miranda: Oh, for Pete's sake. Even the bathroom is kind of creepy.

(sounds of Baxter barking in the hall)

Miranda: What is it, Lassie? Timmy trapped in a mine shaft behind this door?


Miranda: Okay, okay. I'm looking.

Miranda: Congratulations, Baxter, you have discovered the creepiest room in the house so far: creepy storage room.

Baxter: (snort) woof!

Miranda: What? Oh.... lookie there, attic stairs... with a metal bar across them? They really ARE keeping someone prisoner in the attic! And I'll bet Devika really DID see Sebastian! Good dog, Baxter!

Baxter: Woof!