Sunday, July 05, 2015

Puppets from a Pixie Workshop

We have been super busy in the Wylde Kingdom. There's a miniatures show coming up in 67 days, and we are not exactly ready.

But we will be.

Today we were working on puppets. We being me and Vee, and Lenore. Lenore makes the bodies for us, and then we put on the details. And Taelyn really, REALLY wanted to help. But he's not allowed anything sharp or sticky, EVER. So....

Taelyn became the official Wylde Kingdom puppet tester. He plays with the puppets to make sure they work right (and this keeps him out of our hair while we get things done. PERFECT.)

Vee helping pack puppets. Some will be for sale at Norm's Dollhouse, but most will be packed away for the show in September.

Me, doing... stuff. I dunno. Wendy said "Look like you're doing something" so I guess I'm holding thread. *shrug*

Some of the puppets we finished, waiting for Taelyn Testing.

And here is a beautiful picture of the pixie component of the Wylde Kingdom Puppet Making Team...

... and Taelyn.

- Miri


  1. You are all amazing, Wylde Kingdom Puppet Making group!! I'm very impressed with your designs and your professionalism. You may now recall, but I once had a traveling marionette show (back in the '60s and '70s). So feel free to ask advice whenever. But you look like you've got all the bases covered. Terrific!

  2. they are super duper cute! Now you need a pixie traveling marionette theater! or a puppet show! You've got a great workshop in the new house too!