Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Midnight in the Dollhouse

Hi everyone who still sees this even though Miranda is gone. *waving* Hello!

I wanted to tell you that I started a new blog. Just for miniatures this time.

Oh, I can't promise there won't be dolls from time to time (they are miniatures too, after all) but they won't be the focus like they were here.

You can find the new blog here, if you like -  Midnight in the Dollhouse

If you like dollhouses, miniatures, and photographs of miniatures you might just like it. Because those are all the things I like, and that's what the blog is about! :)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know. See you at the new blog!

Companion to Miranda
Midnight in the Dollhouse


  1. Hello from Spain: great pic in midnight. Keep in touch

  2. I bookmarked your blog. I hope Miranda will show up from time to time- and Midnight in the dollhouse sounds like fun! I'm going to go out and find those two inspirational books you read- I love books/novels about dollhouses and dolls. Have you ever read the Deb Baker mystery novel series about a mother/daughter doll restoration artists and they solve murders? The first one is called Dolled up for Murder but there is also one that deals with the nurder of a dollhouse shop owner- Dolly Departed. I have them all, I think there were about four or five of these books.

  3. AcK it always utterly Startles me when suddenly Miranda is gone again! I so wish you would keep her pictures up even if she does wander off from time to time. She will always be the one that inspired TiGGs for me, so I just do miss her when she is away <3