Monday, June 10, 2013

The Only One...

Maybe there should have only ever been one.

Maybe things would've been different and not have gotten so completely out of control and insane.

I dunno.

It doesn't matter now.

A quick update: A bunch of the pictures on this blog are broken for right now, but they'll be back. I switched from Flickr to Ipernity and I just need to re-upload some of the pictures. They'll be back as time permits. :)

A bunch of the BJDs will finally be finding their way to Ebay and elsewhere. It's weird. After handling the Woodlees, I have a hard time wanting to even touch the BJDs now.

Except for one.


In the beginning, there was Lenore. She was THE doll that got me interested in BJDs in the first place. A lot of people think it was Miranda, and while Miranda was the first I brought home (I picked her and Rabbit, a DIM Marianne, up at the same time. So technically they were BOTH first), Lenore was the first doll who captured my heart.

Not just that KIND of doll.

THE doll.

I am so lucky to have her.

Lenore Looks On 1
I almost lost her. Her previous owner listed her on Ebay in the middle of the night one evening, and had it not been for a bad case of insomnia, I might have lost her forever.

But instead, she came to live with me.

Lenore Reading Before Bed

She was the one I'd wanted. The moment I saw her on Elisa's blog, I loved her. She was my favorite. I told everyone so. But I continued to bring home more, and more and more dolls. Looking for something... I don't even know what.

Lenore's Tent

And through it all, she patiently waited.

Jasmine Tells a Spooky Tale
She was always tolerant of the others. She even sometimes seemed to sort of like them. But still.

Lenore's Bear
She wanted to be the only one.

Maybe every doll wants that.

I don't know.

But now.

After nearly 8 years.

She is.


- Wendy


  1. Thanks, Ellyjoybell. It's been a long, strange road. That's for sure.

    I will always wonder what would've happened had I gotten Lenore first, and kept her as the only. But I will also never know.

    I guess it's okay to wonder, though. :)

  2. Sometimes we need to go through things (even to the point of excess) to come to the realization of what is really and truly important.
    Lenore has a very pleasant, patient expression, and she knew that her uniqueness would eventually shine through and that her day would come.
    It has been a journey, and it has been enjoyable for all of us spectators. Your past experiences have been very influential and an inspiration to beginner bloggers (like me!).
    Now a new chapter begins.....

  3. You know its funny, I began in dolls utterly by accident. Saw a TimeLife photo spread in a book with a 1890's Mannequin and started key wording wooden jointed dolls, which led to Hitty, my eventually carving my own, and then my first BJD, Domadoll UniJado, I still feel this deep serenity with her. Alice Cherry Blossom and her insouciant spunkyness hooked me on CCCs, and then TiGGy stole my heart utterly, and has held me completely transfixed ever since....

    I dont know, there are certain dolls like my "Pilgrim" Uni Jado who has always been my own private love, she is special to me, whereas TiGGy just wanted to leap out into the world, and she continues to inspire me through so much.

    Wooden dolls were my first passion, and having recently found my grail wooden, my Schoenhut Manikin, I have found a further outlet for the elasticity of this medium which is really what has so drawn me to dolls and held my fascination - so many mediums to work with when it comes to dolls, pictures, making things, carving, painting, drawing, sewing, crochet, paper craft, building.... its an artistic medium that just keeps expanding.

    Anyway, I hope you do keep this blog as a testament to the art Miranda has inspired in you, and how much you have introduced to all of us in inspiration and exploration.

    Not every doll can do that, some are just meant to be our own private muses I think.

    In any event, I wish you all the best on your continuing journey, and hope to be able to keep learning from you.

    Miranda really is special and I will miss her, I think of her every time I look at my little Giennie, she always reminds me of your girl.

    Your first doll is very beautiful, but like Pilgrim, as much as I thought Pilgrim would be the doll, I just think these things follow some logic of their own....

    I do hope you keep the blog visible, and if not, I hope at least you keep it safe, because you just never know, and there are so many treasures on here.

    Your past 7 years have brought you to where you are going, and I have a feeling you are going still more places too.

    You have inspired so many, and made Miranda a very real being to us all. Thank You and Best to You

  4. Hello from Spain: each doll is special. Each and every one have a memory for their owners. I wish you luck and you know where I am. Keep in touch

  5. I'm so glad to see a post on the blog, I have truly missed Miranda Wandering. I hope you plan to keep Miranda, and the blog, intact as her and Lenore's adventures truly came to life.
    All dolls are special in their own different ways. I came to dolls FROM miniature scale 1:12 and found the magic of the big dolls and fashion dolls (1:6 scale) incredibly fascinating and fun. My journey was backwards- from the little stuff to the big stuff, lol, but purely by chance. From there it went to BJD's, and I acquired Gracie, then my tinies. Though I do not have much time lately to spend with Dixie, I treasure each and every one. And yes, it is crazy insane crowded because now I have a town in my doll room!!lol
    I am glad Lenore is staying with you, and not to be overly forward, but I hope Miranda is too. You're on a fantastic journey full of creativity in the most greatest job in the world- building tiny things ! and you never know, the dolls might want to come along for the ride! mine did!~Lisa