Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And Now... Here's Devika

Hello, my name is Devika. You might know me from some previous guest postings I've done on the Miranda Wandering blog.

I'll be filling in again for a little bit while Miranda is off doing other things. I hope you won't mind. 

Today, I wanted to tell you about.... um.... something interesting... uh....

I don't know what to say! OH! I can't do this!

 Madera: Woah. Vee, it's okay. Relax.

Madera: You've done blog entries before, right? You'll be fine!

Devika: But... I don't know what to SAY! I don't even know where to start! I don't know what to tell people. I don't do anything interesting. I don't even WANDER!

 Madera: Vee, no one is expecting you to BE Miranda. Just be yourself! You talk, I'll take pictures, it'll be great!

Devika: But I don't know what to talk ABOUT!

Madera: Talk about what you like to do, Vee. What do you like to do? Hmm?

Devika: Well... I like... um, I guess I like baking.

 Madera: Great! Then that's where we'll start!

(a little bit later)

 Hello, I'm Devika! I'll be filling in as your guest blogger for a little bit on Miranda Wandering.

This is my kitchen! Probably my favorite place in the world.

 I hope you like it too, because while I'm "guest blogging" we might be spending a lot of time here.

 Today, I made something for Easter. Would you like to see it? Want to? I'll show you!

It's a bunny cake! All coconutty and frostingish. Yummy!

Devika: Um... so how was that, Madera?

Madera: That was great! You're going to be a great guest blogger! 

Devika: Well, I don't know about that. But I will try my best. I don't know what to blog about next. Hmm. Maybe I should look through my cookbooks.


  1. No disappointment here, Vee. It's always great to see you (which has been near to nothing lately) so we're happy here. Your bunny cake is stunning, indeed. Hope Madera didn't eat it all up already. Will be looking out for your next posting, until then Happy Easter to all in the Kingdom.
    And Miri, it's ok for you to take breaks occasionally. You work hard. Enjoy!

  2. Oooh your little Eleven ears are sooo Cute! Your doing a great job - and send our hugs to Miranda too - make sure to tell her we think you are doing great!

  3. Great job, Devika! I look forward to your next entry as does my taste buds.

  4. That was lovely. Your cake looks amazing!

  5. Well done Devika. I've always enjoyed your guest appearances. I'm sure you'll do this very well. Love the Easter cake. Wish I could have some. Give my love to Miri. Hugziz to you and Madera.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful cake Devika! Well done!

  7. Hello from Spain: beautiful photo. Devika is very cute. I love the kitchen .. Keep in touch

  8. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Vee,your cake looks awesome! And you did a wonderful job blogging!
    I very much want to learn to bake,so if you keep being the guest blogger,I might be lucky enough to learn how!

    Give my best to Miri!
    And tell her to take a nice vacation someplace warm!