Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tears for Stuffies Fallen

Louisa: Ugggghhh....

Calla: Louisa? What's wrong?

Louisa: Calla? Is that you?

Louisa: Oh, dear Calla... I.... ugh... I'm dying. I want you... to have all of my toys when I'm gone...

Calla: Oh No!!!

Prudence: Is she really dying?

Lenore: *snort* Dying? Hmm, I don't think people die of indigestion. I saw how many cherry tarts you ate at breakfast.

Lenore: Explode, maybe. Die, unlikely.

Louisa: It's easy to mock when you HAVE your health, Lenore. Ohhhhhh....uggggh.

Calla: Poor Louisa, you'll be okay.

Prudence: So she's not really dying?

Lenore: Nah.

Lenore: You'll have to excuse Louisa. She's a bit for the dramatic. And she tends to be "dying" every couple of weeks, or whenever we have tarts at breakfast. She'll be fine.

Prudence: Oh.

Lenore: Did you sleep okay on the couch?

Prudence: Yes, it was fine. Thank you. Your bed is very nice. It's big.

Lenore: Yeah, it's all right.

Prudence: You don't have to share it with anyone?

Lenore: Calla sleeps in the bottom, trundle bed thingy, but otherwise no. Why, did you want to sleep in here tonight?

Prudence: Oh, NO! No. No, thank you.

Lenore: Hey, while you're standing there. Would you mind handing me those stuffed animals? They go up here on the back of the bed.

Prudence: Uh... okay. It's okay for me to touch them?

Lenore: Of course it is. You can play with them too, if you like. I collect monkeys, but I don't mind if you play with them too.

Prudence: Really?

Lenore: Yeah, really. Why?

Prudence: I just... there weren't that many toys at Bleakwood, and... I wasn't to touch them. They all belonged to...

Prudence: Oh no! I dropped one! I DROPPED ONE! OH NO!

Lenore: What?

Prudence: I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! *sob* I'm so sorry! I'm really so sorry! *sob* Sorry!!

Lenore: Woah... wait. Prudence, it's okay. I got 'em.

Lenore: See? They're fine. They're just stuffed animals, they don't shatter or anything. It's okay.

Lenore: Did you think I'd be mad at you?

Prudence: I have to go. Bye. I *sob* I have to go.

Lenore: Wait, Prudence.

Prudence: *crying and running*

Calla: That was weird.

Lenore: Yeah it was. I hope she's okay.

Louisa: Poor little thing.

Louisa: Ugggh... Calla, when I'm gone... please see to it that that little Prudence gets some of my toys too... *gasp* Oh! I see the light!

Lenore: Oh, for crying out loud!