Sunday, November 11, 2007

Questions for Ariel


Miranda: Hmm... well, her lights are on. So she's probably home.

Miranda: What the? "For Sale?"

Miranda: (knocking) Oh beloved siiiister....

Miranda: Hmm, well Baxter isn't barking. Maybe she took him for a walk?

Ariel: Well HELLO there! Come on.... oh, hi Miri. I thought you were the nice fella comin' over to see the house.

Miranda: Yeah, yeah. Wrong. So what did you do with Baxter?

Ariel: Oh, he's stayin over with Eris and her friends, over at that nice big house they got. They've got a great big yard he can play in and Ophelia said he'd make friends with a new playmate, her pet, Fluffy!

Baxter: (frightened whimper)

Ariel: Isn't that wonderful?

Miranda: Yeah, ducky. So can I come in?

Ariel: Absolutely not. Can't have you messing things up for my showin', dumplin'.

Miranda: Fine, we'll talk out here. Wait, so why are you moving all of a sudden? Police again?

Ariel: No, nuthin' like that, sweetie. No, I heard from a council member that I'm ... friends with, that they're puttin in a night club RIGHT NEXT door! So I'm gonna get out before all the noise moves in.

Miranda: Wow, pretty understanding buyer willing to purchase a house under those conditions.

Ariel: Well now, they just don't need to know about that little bit of information, do they? It'd keep them from seeing just how wonderful this little house is. You know, maybe keep them from their dream home. So, what can I do for you Miri?

Miranda: Where are you going to stay after you sell the house, 'cause you're sure as heck not coming to live with ME.

Ariel: As charmin' as your rustic little cabin is, darlin', I'll be staying with Eris and her friends until I get that C. Pender to build me a new house. He's pretty well booked up, so it might be a little bit, but the girls don't mind at all.

Miranda: Yeah, so about the Creepy Sisters. Why would they be keeping Sebastian captive?

Ariel: What?! Uh... why, Miri! What ever would make you say such a thing?

Miranda: Someone saw a person who looked a LOT like Sebastian being dragged into the Creepy Sister's house, and hu... they said YOU were there too.

Ariel: Oh, now honey. What a terrible thing to say. You know that's ridiculous. Sebastian's in the tropics, studying up on the shape shifting pixies of the West Islands. Remember? Oh Miri, would you REALLY believe someone's Halloween night hallucination over the word of your own SISTER?

Miranda: Yeah, yeah I would. Well... you know I'm going to go ask them.

Ariel: Well, you go right ahead, sweetie. But they're not going to tell you anything.

Miranda: Oh yeah? Swore them to secrecy did ya?

Ariel: (sigh) No Miri, they're not going to tell you anything because there's nothing TO tell. I can't believe you think I'd do something so terrible to our only BROTHER. Miri, you just make me sad.

Miranda: (snort) Nice try. That used to work on mom and dad, it never worked on me. I haven't heard from Sebastian in MONTHS and he was supposed to come visit, and suddenly someone sees you chaining him up...

Ariel: Oh look, there's the fellow to come see the house!

Miranda: You're selling to Mighty Mouse?

Ariel: Oh, Miri, shush!

Ariel: Hi, you must be Theo. I am so glad to meet you! Thanks for coming, I think you're going to like the house a lot. That's my sister Miranda, unfortunately she's got somewhere else to be. Dontcha, Miri?

Miranda: Whatever.

Ariel: Now we'll just start with the front. This porch was custom designed by renowned builder, Mr. C. Pender, and...

Miranda: Wow, you're going to love this house! All the nightlife and everything, once they put that huge, loud nightclub in RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Byeee!

Ariel: OH! Let's go on inside. Uh... well, I don't know anything about that....

(Ariel and Theo go inside)

Miranda: Hmm... well, Vee saw SOMETHING. That's for sure. Because I didn't tell Ariel what night Sebastian was spotted on, so how else would she have known it was Halloween? This is bad. This is real bad. Hmm... but she's probably right, those Creepy Sisters aren't going to just TELL me... no, this is going to take some drastic action...