Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fluffy Pink Naptime

At Target I also found a full sized Bratz "Sleepover" set. There were some interesting things in it, with some potential, and since Miranda has a sleepover to attend next month, I figured it was worth investigating.

("This, right here, so totally mine. Oh yeah. Is that a.., is that supposed to be a frog?" - Miranda)

First thing to try was the bathrobe, but as with the other Bratz things, it was much too big.

("Hey! Look at me! I'm a little pink Jawa!!" - Miranda)

A little hand stitching, and a quick machine run straight up the back and....

("Ooh, comfy cozy! But the freaky frog thing has to go." - Miranda)

1 comment:

  1. Miranda is lucky to have such a talented seamstress for a friend. I think we should start a business of making "grown up" doll clothes (levi skirts with faux fur trim and such) for the "small doll with discriminating taste." We could name our clothes line something sickeningly cute like "Grown Up Pixie."

    Don't lose faith Miranda! The perfect clothes are out there . . . somewhere.