Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Wandering Back - One Weird Trip

So, yeah. Things happened. Again.

And now, one WEEK before the 37th Annual Fall Miniatures Show and Sale, they realized they needed me.


I got it handled, and that kind of time crunch allowed me to negotiate a pretty sweet (long term, I might add) contract.

It's nice to be out of storage. There are no flowers in storage. 

But tons of them in the yard this year. Weird.

I found my camera, but it had someone else's pictures on it.

These are not my feet. But they are on MY camera. Weird.

So, yeah. Got a camera. Back to blogging. I'm back on Facebook. I even have an Instagram account, if you're into things like that.

Oh, and I found Snuffy, too!

So after this miniature show nonsense I may even try picking up his blog again. That was kind of fun. - The Shuffling Snuffy

I've missed toy photography, and flowers, and being out of storage. It's good to be back out and about.

Now on to this miniatures show.

- Miranda